My parents Herman and Frances Knight came to Ohio both graduating from Miles College in Fairfield, AL reconnecting after my mother getting her master’s degree from Columbia University and my father having a short stint in the Military. They settled in Akron in the late 50’s where my mother started a career in teaching while my father became the first black man to work in a bank who was not a custodian.


3 of my 8 siblings were born short after then another banking opportunity brought them to the Cleveland/ East Cleveland area prior to the birth of my two older brothers and an eventual move to Shaker in 1969.


My family has always been serving the community by the example of my mom who’s been a teacher in underrepresented communities and my father providing loans for minority small business owners around the Greater Cleveland and Akron Area through Ameritrust and ending his banking career with First Bank. 


After retiring from banking, my father created an entrepreneurial opportunity by starting a contracting business that I joined at a very young age. Together with my brothers and sisters we have renovated thousands of commercial and residential properties throughout northeast Ohio over the last 40yrs.  Our name and reputation are known and valued throughout the area and is a bellwether for achievement yet to come.  The legacy of honor and stewardship merits the support of my good northeast Ohio citizens.


I’ve always had a love for politics working on local campaigns for the Democratic Party and supporting Levy’s but have been hesitant to jump in due to the timing of things going on in my life among other reasons.


Why Now?

For the past 3yrs. I’ve been an advocate for my college wrestling teammates who are a part of a lawsuit against The Ohio State University where we’ve been in the fight of our lives. In this fight we believed we had a friend who was then our assistant coach who is now a Representative to Congress but has since turned his back on us. I have since reached out to over 30 politicians on varying levels connected to Ohio about our case and for the most part silence other than a generic response from a Senator and a response from my State Rep. who’s been nothing but gracious and informative. But there is one thing she said that stuck with me. “Government is supposed to work for you not against you...”.


And that is why I’m running to be the Representative of the Ohio 11th District. I’m tired of being disappointed in my political officials, I’m tired of them letting us down time after time making promises they can’t keep. And If you’re disappointed like I am that Government is working against you and not for you, then you want a fresh alternative.  It’s time for Government to work for us...  -Will Knight